Can invoices be loaded automatically from online portals?

In many cases, suppliers make invoices available in online portals. Invoices must be manually picked from these portals for further processing.

Finmatics' partner finosystems can be used for this purpose. This article describes the interaction of getmyinvoices (product of Finosystems) and Finmatics.

Does Finmatics charge a fee for the connection to retrieve my invoices?

No, the service is contracted directly by Finosystems. There is no additional charge for the interface to Finmatics.

Is it necessary to make extra configurations in Finmatics?

No, only a username and password for web access are required and stored in get-my-invoices.

How do I set up my invoices?

You need an active subscription or trial version of get-my-invoices (,
a Finmatics login (username and password).

The instructions for the setup are described here:

Which online portals can be used?