How do I process a bank statement in PDF or paper format in Finmatics?

Many clients in tax firms do not want to provide access for electronic connection of the bank account to the accounting software. Therefore, to complete the accounting, these clients send the bank statements in PDF or paper format. This article explains how you can process bank statements in PDF or paper format through Finmatics and as a result get a file that you can further process in your accounting system.

The advantage is obvious. Instead of accountants typing the documents, Excel files can now be conveniently imported into the accounting system, saving several hours of work.

Setting up the processing

  • In the menu item "Clients", select the client from whom you receive the account statements in PDF or paper format.
  • Click on "Document types
  • Click on the "Add" button
  • Select the posting category "Bank with OPOS
  • Assign a posting symbol
  • Fill in the fields "G/L bank account", "IBAN", "Bank name", "Country" and "Currency".
  • Click on "Add

The bank processing is now set up.

Processing of bank statements

  • Upload the bank statements to Finmatics via the different input channels
  • Your bank processing can take up to 24 hours
  • After the system automatically informs you that the statements are ready, you can pick them up for export

Export of bank statements

  • Select the desired processing in the Home menu item or follow the link in the e-mail to export
  • Select all the entries you want to export
  • Click on "Export as zip file
  • For law firms with BMD in use, you will be provided with an Excel file in George format
  • For law firms with DATEV in use, you will be provided with an XML file that you can import into DATEV as follows: How do I import banks into DATEV Accounting?