How do I use the internal invoice number?

In accounting systems, such as BMD, an internal invoice number can also be used. This is typically a sequential number that increments based on the invoice date. This article describes how to use the internal invoice number. This also causes the invoice number as it appears on the invoice to arrive in the "external document number" field in BMD.

Setting on the client

  • To enable the internal invoice number for a document area, perform the following steps:
  • Select the desired client in the Clients menu item.
  • In the tab Document categories, select the desired document category for which you want to enable the internal invoice number. The function is available in the posting categories Incoming Invoice, Cash, Clearing Account and Credit Card.
  • Activate the "Use internal invoice number" function.
  • Select whether the internal invoice number is entered manually or is automatically incremented by the system

For firms which process the documents in the journal entry in the BMD

If your law firm processes the vouchers in the journal entry in the BMD, then please select "Automatically count up by the system".

For firms that process the vouchers on the Finmatics interface

If you process the invoices on the Finmatics interface, then the following contents are relevant for you:

Enter internal invoice number manually

If the "Enter manually" option is selected, then during document processing the user can fill in this field manually with the desired value.

Automatically increment internal invoice number

If the "Automatically increment" option is selected, then during the document processing the user cannot fill in this field manually. There is a function available in the document overview that enables automatic filling of the field

Automatically increment internal invoice number in the document overview

For automatic incrementing in the document overview, proceed as follows:

  • Select the documents in the document overview that you want to increment automatically.
  • The function "Increment internal invoice number" appears in the menu.
  • Click on this function
  • A selection window appears with the information which number was exported last and a selection whether an incrementing should take place starting from the last exported number or starting from a new freely selectable value.
  • Make the selection how the system should increment
    The documents are incremented automatically.