How does the integration of BMD Software and Finmatics work?

This article describes the technical connection between Finmatics and BMD Business Software. Finmatics can automate document processing in interaction with BMD.

Activation of Finmatics

The activation of Finmatics for BMD takes place directly via the client master in BMD (A). Technically, the activation is done via REST API. Activation means creation of client and company codes in Finmatics. In addition, journal data of the last 2 years are transmitted for the teaching of the Finmatics algorithms.

Transfer of vouchers to Finmatics

Vouchers can be transferred to Finmatics via Finmatics voucher transfer technologies (C) or after upload in BMD COM (B). The transfer of vouchers BMD Com to Finmatics is done via REST API. Finmatics reads document data and assigns documents (B).

(see also: How can I transfer documents to Finmatics?).

Export of the booking lines and document images to BMD.

The processed documents are transferred via SFTP upload (BUERF) to BMD in the module Preliminary entries (E).

For the transfer of BMD COM to Finmatics as well as the activation of Finmatics in the client master, it is necessary to store Finmatics API access data in BMD. You will receive these from Finmatics Support and you can store them independently in BMD.

For the import of the posting lines & document images after BMD journal entries, it is necessary to store SFTP access data in BMD. The import is carried out by a macro which is installed by BMD. You will receive the access data for SFTP from Finmatics, the installation of the macro will be carried out by BMD via a remote maintenance appointment (1h).