How long does it take to process documents in Finmatics?

This article details the duration of document processing.

The documents are automatically sorted. The data is recorded and checked by Finmatics. Depending on how the documents are prepared and whether our program still has to rotate the documents into the correct position, the process can take 5-10 seconds per page.
With "Scan and Sort", the processing time is even shorter, requiring only 1-2 seconds per page, as no OCR is switched on here.

E.g. an invoice with 10 pages takes about 50 seconds to 1 min. 40 seconds.

In case of active shared service center (quality assurance) (100% accurate readouts),processing finishes within 24 hours (1 working day) after uploading. This guarantees a readout rate of 100% of all capture fields.

In case you do not want to wait for our shared service center, documents that are in the "capture" status can also be processed by you in advance.