What options do I have to keep my access to Finmatics as secure as possible?

Finmatics offers 2-factor-authentication (2FA) as standard option in your account settings. Alternatively, you can also have the Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature activated.



Why does two-factor authentication (2FA) increase security for my Sign in?

With two-factor authentication (2FA), you significantly increase security when logging into Finmatics, because even if your password is cracked by a third party, they cannot log into your account.  Why? To log in, in addition to your password (1st factor), you also need to enter a TAN code sent to your smartphone (2nd factor).

Why does single sign-on increase security for my Sign in?

Mit der Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung (2FA) erhöhen Sie die Sicherheit bei der Anmeldung in Finmatics deutlich: Wenn Mitarbeiter für jede Anwendung separate Passwörter verwenden müssen, tun sie das in der Regel nicht, sondern verwenden dasselbe Passwort für mehrere Anwendungen, wodurch die Chance erhöht wird, dass das Passwort kompromittiert wird. SSO reduziert die Anzahl der Angriffsflächen, da sich User lediglich bei einer zentralen Entität authentifizieren.

What is the advantage of SSO over two-factor authentication?

The advantage of SSO is that you can define it for the entire office and your employees only have to remember access data for one entity. You can secure this access internally by assigning secure passwords and two-factor authentication, and employees will not be so easily embarrassed to choose insecure passwords.

How do SSO and 2FA work?


When setting up SSO, an entity, e.g. the user's Microsoft account, is linked to Finmatics, which they normally use to log in to their PC or Office 365. Once this account is linked, your users can easily log in to Finmatics with the credentials of this Microsoft account by selecting "Log in via Single-Sign-On". This allows you to focus on keeping these credentials as secure as possible.

With SSO, you have the option of mapping certain groups with their assigned clients, processes, permissions etc.. This means that any authorisations assigned outside this group are checked and reset at each login for your security. Alternatively, you can use SSO exclusively for logging into Finmatics.


When setting up 2FA, a second authentication is requested in addition to the password after clicking on "log in". You must then enter the 6-digit validation code that you will find in the Authenticator app that you registered when you set up your account. The code in the Authenticator app changes every 30 seconds. This ensures that only those who know the login data and also have access to the smartphone with the registered Authenticator app can log in.

How do I enable/disable SSO or 2FA?