First steps in Finmatics for BMD

Welcome to Finmatics for BMD. We are thankful for your trust in Finmatics for your accounting processes. This article explains the first steps in the collaboration between BMD and Finmatics.

What is already done?

  • The contract between us has been concluded
  • The technical setup with the help of the BMD helpdesk has already been done

What is the next step?

The first steps are to discuss these contents in a personal meeting with our Customer Success Team.

Initial creation of a client

  • Selection of a client with outgoing and incoming invoices.
  • Activation of the client data in BMD and transfer of the data to Finmatics.
  • Entry into the Finmatics software (Finmatics login) and activation of the already created users.
  • Initial settings in the master data
    • Assignment of the accountant responsible for the mandate
    • Verification of the UID
    • Processing of tax-exempt clients
    • Adjustment of the document types
      • External invoice number
      • Posting text

Transfer of documents

  • Possibilities of voucher transfer.
  • How does the automatic page separation work?
  • The "Transfer" menu item

Editing vouchers

  • Determining where to edit
  • The "Home" menu item
  • How does the reading and account assignment of documents work?
  • What is the role of clean master data of business partners
  • Determination of the leading system.
  • Information about quality assurance
  • The menu item "Orders"