How can I add and change responsible users for a client?

One user can be assigned per client. This user will receive e-mail notifications when the status of an invoice/batch changes to "verify" or "exported".


Assign/change users to their allotted clients

Select the "Clients" item in the main menu and then the desired client. In the clients-screen in the "General" tab under "Accounting", select the relevant user in the "Responsible user" field. If you do not want to enter a user, select "No bookkeeper". Then click on "Save". 

If the responsible user does not appear, the user must first be created.

How does the email notification arrive?

The email notification is sent by every time a batch of invoices

changes to the status "Confirm" or "Exported".

Can I also filter by the responsible user?

Among many other filtering options, there is also the possibility to filter by the responsible user in most screens. You can find more information on this filter option in How can I filter or adapt the screens?.

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