BMD - If a client is to be processed in Finmatics, is it still possible to book entries individually in "Paperless booking" or is this function then blocked?

It is possible to process e.g. ER and AR via Finmatics, but to book the KA and BK paperless directly in the BMD.

For this, a setting must be made directly in the BMD in the general FIBU parameters.

Per document type this can be set company-related/per client/company.

If Finmatics is set on the company master and the voucher upload is done via BMD Com (parameter set accordingly = Yes), the vouchers are blocked for paperless accounting. Thus it must be decided in the settings which client/company Finmatics is used for and which document types are to be processed by Finmatics.

Setting in the package FIBU under Master data - General FIBU parameters - 1 General - Company related settings (for the respective client) - 6 Document in BMD Com/BMD Web..- OCR recognition....