Can BMD Shortcuts be used for Booking Texts in Finmatics too?

The shortcuts which can be used in BMD for booking texts can also be used in Finmatics.

When the BMD shortcuts are entered in the booking text field these are usually applied upon import to BMD, upon saving after editing, or at the very latest upon booking. 

These are the shortcuts that can be used in Finmatics: 

Month: $Monat$

Year: $Jahr$

Previous Year: $VorJahr$

Next Year: $NaechstJahr$

Last Month: $VorMonat$

Year of Last Month: $JahrVorMonat$

Next Month: $NaechstMonat$

Year of Next Month: $JahrNaechstMonat$

Month Before Last: $VorVorMonat$

Year of Month Before Last: $JahrVorVorMonat$

Quarter: $Quartal$

Last Quarter: $VorQuartal$

Year of Last Quarter: $JahrVorQuartal$

Next Quarter: $NaechstQuartal$

Year of Next Quarter: $JahrNaechstQuartal$

Calendar Week: $KW$

Half-Year: $HalbJahr$

First of Month: $MonatsErster$

Last of Month: $MonatsLetzter$

Account: $KtoBez$

Partner Account: $GktoBez$

Booking Symbol: $BuSymbol$

Invoice Number: $BelegNr$

External Invoice Number: $ExtBelegNr$

External Invoice Number or Invoice: $IntExtBelegNr$

Extracted Invoices: $Auszifferung$

Extracted Invoice Number: $IntAuszifferung$

Account External Reference: $FremdRefKto$

Partner Account External Reference: $FremdRefGKto$

Invoice Text: $RechnungsText$