BMD - Does the IBAN serve as an assignment for bank mapping between pre-entry and the bank statement booking?

In the CAMT53/MT940 file, the IBAN of the customer/vendor is normally contained in the "IBAN/client bank account" field.

After this, a rule is created according to bank details, thus the vendor/customer is assigned to the payment item based on the IBAN (the IBAN does not have to be contained in the account master, because the program checks the IBAN on the payment item with the stored IBAN on the rule when importing).

A clearing of the "OP" from the preliminary entry is done via the assignment according to amount equality (if no invoice number is contained in the note to payee and cannot be cleared due to the full text search). In future, this will also work if the bank details rule is created on the revenue or expense account.