How can cash invoices be processed in the training center?

In this article, you will learn how the read out of cash invoices can be improved by the training center.

How do I train the read out  of cash invoices in the training center?

Although there are no business partners for cash invoices, business partners serve as an help for improved automation, as the training center saves keywords for the business partner.

The invoice field "Business partner" must be active in the invoice detail screen so that cash invoices can be processed in the training center. You can find out how fields can be added to the invoice detail screen in How can I add or remove fields in the invoice detail screen?.

You can also optionally activate the automatic creation of business partners in the settings. You can find more information in How do I use the configuration-screen?. However, when new business partners are created automatically, they are not automatically transferred to the ERP system.

As soon as cash invoices with a set business partner are corrected, they can now also be processed in the training center.