How can documents be sent to Finmatics via e-mail?

Documents can be sent to Finmatics by e-mail. For this purpose, Finmatics automatically creates e-mails per document category.

Activating the e-mail address

As an administrative user and a user of the "Accountant" type, you can activate this function.

  • Click in the "Clients" menu item
  • Select the "Processes" tab
  • Check the "Enable e-mail address" checkbox.

If you forward an e-mail to this e-mail address, Finmatics will automatically process the attachment.


Which formats (e-mail attachments) can be processed?

All common image formats can be processed. These include pdf, tiff, jpeg, png.

What happens if no attachment is found in the e-mail?

Finmatics sends an automatic reply to the sender with the content "No attachment found, e-mail could not be processed".

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