How can documents be sent to Finmatics via email?

Documents can be sent to Finmatics by email. For this purpose Finmatics automatically creates emails per process.


Activate or deactivate the email address

A system-generated email address is created by default per process and per client and is immediately ready to use. Everything that reaches this address and has an image attachment is assigned to the respective client and process and uploaded there. Make sure that the  "Client Masterdata management" permission is enabled in your user in order to adapt the email.  Afterwards click on the "Clients" screen and select the desired client.

Select the "Processes" tab and click on the three dots to the right of the process you want to edit, and then click "Edit".

Activate or deactivate the checkbox "Create email address".

In the client view, an email address now appears in the corresponding table column.

Please note that the automatic page separation is turned off by default in the email. You can find more information in: 

Which email attachments can be processed?

All common image formats can be processed. These include pdf, tiff, jpeg, png. ZIP files can also be forwarded to Finmatics by e-mail. These are automatically unpacked and read out.

Please ensure that no encrypted messages are sent, as these cannot be decrypted. If an encrypted e-mail, PDF or file is sent, the sender will receive an automatic message that this file unfortunately cannot be processed. 

Is there a size restriction?

The permissible size via email is 30 MB (this also depends on your email account - you can get more information from your IT department or your mail provider).

More information on the size limit for document transmission can be found here: Is there a size limit for uploading documents?.

How long does it take for the invoices to be transferred to Finmatics?

It can take a few minutes for your invoices to be uploaded to Finmatics. Emails are fetched from the server and imported into Finmatics every 10 minutes.

What happens if no attachment is found in the email?

Finmatics sends an automatic reply to the sender stating that no attachment was found and therefore the email could not be processed.

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