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How can I transfer documents to Finmatics?

You can transfer documents to Finmatics in several ways:

  • Web upload
  • Web scanner
  • E-mail
  • Smartphone scan
  • Getmyinvoices
  • Suppliers - customer portals

Document transfer via upload

Click the Transfer tab and then click Upload Documents. Select the client and click Select Files. After you select the receipts, click Upload and the files will be uploaded.

Tip: Use the upload option if you already have digital receipts.

Document transfer using a web scanner

You can transfer documents to Finmatics using a web scanner. For this you need a network scanner. Your computer must be on the same network. Click on the Transfer tab and then on Scan documents. A driver will be installed automatically if needed. Select the client and click Scan. The documents will automatically be processed by your scanner and converted into VAT returns.

Tip: Use the web scanner option if there are paper receipts in your office.

Document transfer via Finmatic's email address

You can also send receipts to the system via email. If you send an email with an image attachment (pdf, tiff, jpg) to your Finmatics email address, the attachment will be taken for processing. Only the attachment, not the email, will be processed. You can enable email document transfer as follows: Go to the Clients tab. Click Processes, and then click Enable Email.

Tip: Use the email option if your documents are already in your email inbox. Simply forwarding to your email address with VAT returns will process the receipts directly.

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Scanning via Finmatics Mobile App

You can also easily photograph receipts with your smartphone. Download the Finmatics app from the app store.

Tip: Use the Finmatics app on your smartphone if you have only a few receipts (less than 5), if there is no scanner available or if you want the receipts to be forwarded immediately (restaurant, hotel).

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Finmatics has a REST API for transferring documents from any digital source. With the REST API, you can automatically transfer documents to Finmatics from folders or other software systems. Please read more in the article about the REST API or contact your IT person for more information.

Tip: If you identify processes in your organization where documents are copied/transferred manually, this is low-hanging fruit that can be automated with the Finmatics REST API.

Supplier - Customer Portal

You can allow your suppliers/customers to upload documents to Finmatics. Go to the tab clients and click on the respective client. Then select the Users tab. You can invite users of document upload type. Once invited, users of the Administrator role can manage user rights in User Management.

Tip: If you want to give your suppliers access to Finmatics, please contact support@finmatics.com. We will configure the supplier portal for you.