DATEV - How do I export personal and G/L accounts as well as transaction data from Rechnungswesen to Finmatics?

The quality of the recognized document data and booking proposals depends on the bookings entered so far. Therefore, training data is provided to Finmatics initially and once. The export of the data is done in two steps in DATEV Accounting:

  • Export of personal accounts, G/L accounts from DATEV Rechnungswesen.
  • Export of transaction data/journal lines from the DATEV accounting system

Export of personal ccounts and G/L accounts from DATEV accounting in DATEV format

Export G/L account labels and debtors/creditors from DATEV - Accounting (Instruction: DATEV doc. no. 9211125 (German article))

ATTENTION: In the selection "Export only changed data" the check mark must not be set!

Export transaction data / journal lines from DATEV accounting in DATEV format.

Export booking batches from DATEV - Rechnungswesen (Instructions: DATEV doc. no. 9211125 (German article)).

ATTENTION: At least three to six months of booking batches are required.