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How does automatic business partner recognition and creation work with Finmatics?

Finmatics has an algorithm for assigning and automatically creating business partner master data. The automation works as follows:

  • Finmatics reads all UIDs and IBANs of the invoice.
  • Finmatics excludes the UID of the client
  • Finmatics identifies the business partner based on UID or IBAN
  • 1. if a unique UID / IBAN is found in the business partners of the client, then the business partner is assigned.
  • 2. if multiple UIDs / IBANs are found (e.g. branches case): Match based on address, email, etc. Best Match is assigned.
  • Master Data Match: If UID of invoice is not found in business partners, then Finmatics will perform match based on master data. (Business partner name, addresses, mails, etc.).
  • If the master data match has not found a business partner either, Finmatics can create a new business partner and then transfer it to the ERP system (automatic master data creation). 
    • For Austrian companies, master data is automatically created based on the recognised UID of the business partner. Beforehand, the validity of the UID is compared with the VIES database.
    • For companies from other countries, business partners are currently created by our quality assurance, insofar as it is active. However, we are already working on automations here as well. 

Configuration options: The automatic master data creation can be optionally switched on or off.

By default, automatic business partner creation is active for all processes. The best results are provided with incoming invoices. 

Unfortunately, automatic synchronisation of business partners from Finmatics to DATEV or vice versa is not yet possible with DATEV. However, we are already working on a solution.