BMD - How is master data of business partners newly created or added?


Basic data of business partners, such as debtors and creditors, can be created either in BMD or in Finmatics depending on which system serves as your master data system.

Please note that the transfer of existing business partners will take place during the technical integration date with the BMD system. For more information, please contact the BMD Support.



When using Finmatics with BMD through the API interface, business partners can be created in both Finmatics and BMD, and the data will be synchronized between Finmatics and BMD. This setup also enables the possibility of automatic business partner creation through Finmatics without any additional steps.


BMD as the master data management system:

When creating or updating business partners for a client in BMD, the data is automatically synchronized with Finmatics.

If Finmatics detects an incoming invoice from a new business partner, the new partner will not be created in the system.

Finmatics as the master data management system:

When uploading an incoming invoice from a new business partner to Finmatics, where the VAT ID number, company name, and legal form are clearly visible, European business partners are automatically created in Finmatics. They are continuously numbered based on the last assigned number. The new data is then automatically transferred to BMD during the next export, while any changes are synchronized with BMD.

If master data, such as individual accounts, are not maintained, there's a possibility that Finmatics might create a new business partner even if they already exist. For instance, if a new VAT ID is detected for an existing business partner, a new entry will be created.

To avoid this, it's crucial to maintain the master data (VAT ID, address, customer number, etc.).

The automatic business partner creation is active for incoming and outgoing invoices.

If you wish to deactivate the automatic business partner creation or use it for other processes, please contact us at

Feel free to contact our staff or reach out to us at if you're unsure about which solution suits your company's needs best.