DATEV - How do I use Finmatics for "Meine Steuern"?

What is DATEV Meine Steuern? 

DATEV Meine Steuern is an online tool for the exchange of Invoices between tax offices and their clients for one’s tax returns. More information is available here: DATEV Meine Steuern.  

This is what the latest web interface of DATEV My Taxes looks like. Under the item "Uploaded documents", all the documents that have recently been uploaded can be viewed.

How do I use Finmatics for DATEV Meine Steuern?  

Documents can be scanned in the office with Finmatics Scan and Sort. The Finmatics artificial intelligence separates and, if necessary, orders invoices to improve bookkeeping for clients and they are then transferred to DATEV Unternehmen Online. For DATEV Meine Steuern this process works the same way: invoices are scanned into Finmatics and separated (and ordered if needed) by the artificial intelligence. The only difference is that the invoices are exported to DATEV Meine Steuern rather than DATEV Unternehmen Online.  

How do I use Finmatics Scan & Sort together with DATEV Meine Steuern?  

Clients and document types are automatically synchronised by DATEV Meine Steuern. The client, document type and booking period are then selected in the web interface, scanned, the separation checked, and then exported to DATEV Meine Steuern. Tax documents end up in DATEV Meine Steuern under the correct tax year. Advantage for the office: Both bookkeeping and client tax returns can be efficiently digitised in the office. 


When scanning/uploading in Finmatics, the folder into invoices are to be exported later in Meine Steuern can be selected here. Unsorted documents end up in "Uploaded documents" in the new view.

Image: Upload invoices view

How to scan Tax Documents with Finmatics Scan and Sort in the office:

How unsorted invoices arrive in DATEV Meine Steuern:  

How invoices whose destinations have already been selected in Finmatics arrive in DATEV Meine Steuern:

Can clients use Finmatics for DATEV Meine Steuern as well? 

Yes, the Finmatics mobile app is perfect for this. Invoices can be photographed or uploaded via the mobile app into the correct receipt type and are then transferred directly to the office.