Where can I find the documentation to connect to Finmatics via REST API?

Yes, Finmatics provides a REST API.

APIs, or application program interfaces, allow the functions of one computer program to be used by another. They are a way by which two different programs can communicate. REST APIs can be used by IT for software integration and automation purposes.

You can find the Finmatics API documentation:

If you don't have Finmatics access credentials yet:

By logging in with the following credentials at this link


Username: demo

Password: demodemo


Afterward, you can access the desired documentation URL:


If you already have Finmatics access credentials:

By appending /api/v1/redoc/ or /api/v1/swagger/ to your customized Finmatics web interface URL, for example:




For the Postman program, we also provide a small collection with the essential API calls to help you get started quickly.

Finmatics Postman library

To request an API user, please reach out to your Finmatics sales representative.