How do I use the User Menu?

In this article you will get information on how to use the user menu


How do I open the user menu?

To open the user menu, click on the email address of the person logged in at the top right.


In the account settings, personal data can be customised, various settings can be configured for the user and notifications can be managed. Click on "Save" to save the settings.


You can change your name, salutation and telephone number and set the language in which Finmatics should be displayed. Do not forget to click on "Save" before you leave the page to confirm the changes.


In this tab, you can customise which notifications you would like to receive.

To activate/deactivate all notifications, click on the slider. If it is blue, all notifications have been activated by default. You still have the option of individually specifying whether you want to unsubscribe from individual notifications. If the slider is grey, all notifications are deactivated.

Notifications for the daily task overview
With this notification, you will receive a daily overview by e-mail when there are open tasks in Finmatics. If you are assigned as the responsible user for clients you can alternatively choose to receive notifications for tasks from your clients.

You can also individually select the tasks for which you would like to receive a notification. To do this, tick the required boxes.
Notifications for required approval
Activate this notification if you would like to be informed by e-mail that you need to check and approve invoices.


You can change your password and activate/deactivate two-factor authentication under "Security". You can find more information in How do I set up two-factor authentication (2FA)?. You can also log out of all sessions here.


In the "Layout" tab, you have various options for setting the invoice detail screen. 

Invoice layout

You have two options for the invoice detail screen. The Compact layout where all invoice fields are displayed together, or the Extended layout, where the invoice fields are visibly split between header and item data.

Compact layout

Extended layout

View invoice image in new window
If you are working with more than one screen, you may want to open invoices in an extra window by default, which you can then drag to the other screen. This view might change slightly depending on the chosen invoice layout. 


Download App 

Click on "Download App" to open a pop-up window where you can install the Finmatics mobile app. To do this, scan the appropriate QR code with your mobile device or click on the links under the QR codes to get forwarde to the app store.

Report illegal content

If you notice illegal content or offences, you have the opportunity to report them here. To do so, click on the menu item "Report illegal content".
You will now be forwarded and have the opportunity to report the content via a reporting form. Further information can be found here:

Log out

Click on "Logout" to log out of Finmatics.