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What checks can Finmatics perform on invoices?

Finmatics performs the following checks for all documents:

  • Duplicate check

For invoices, Finmatics also performs the following checks and returns an error if not present:

  • Name and address of the service provider/supplier
  • Payment for the service/delivery (gross incl. VAT)
  • Tax rate or reference to exemption or transfer of tax liability
  • Date of issue
  • Tax amount (and remuneration - net)
  • Consecutive invoice number

Extended invoice checks: The following checks can be activated by Finmatics support and will return a warning in the frontend:

  • Period of performance or date of delivery
  • Name and address of the recipient
  • UID number of the service provider/supplier
  • UID number of the recipient

The basis for the extended invoice checks is a high quality of the master data.