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What is the invoice quality assurance?

Our Shared Service Centre (SSC) supports you in achieving faster learning successes for invoices at Finmatics by completing invoices that were not fully recognised for you.



All invoices for which the invoice fields listed below have been completely read out by Finmatics immediately will get the status "Confirm" and are then available to you for completion either in Finmatics or your ERP system, depending on the setting.


  • Invoice Number

  • Date

  • Business Partner

  • Amount

  • Tax Percentage

  • Currency

Invoices for which Finmatics cannot fill in the above-mentioned fields end up with the status "Capture". These are usually documents for which Finmatics has not yet been trained, handwritten invoices or poor quality images, since these are factors which determine whether the contained information is recognised.


Documents with the status "capture" are completed by Finmatics' quality assurance team. This process takes up to 24 hours after the documents have been transferred during working days (Mon-Fri) and is carried out by human hands. The advantage for you is, that invoice formats that have not yet been trained or invoices of poor quality are also fully captured.

!Caution! Quality assurance does not extend to the accounting fields, such as account assignment, tax key or booking text.

Shared Service Center settings

Premium quality assurance is set by default during the trial period as well as the following 2 months, to help you increasing the speed at which Finmatics learns and improve result quality as quickly as possible.

Premium quality assurance expires after these 2 months and is set to basic if it is not extended.

The following are the available options for the Shared Service Center:

Real Time

With Real Time, document statuses are set to "Confirm" immediately after the separation process and, depending on the selected export option, are either exported automatically or remain available in Finmatics for completion.

!Caution! With this option, Finmatics can only learn the fields which fall under "General information" (see above) if training data is returned via an API interface, as with RZL, or if documents are only exported after being completed in Finmatics.

Basic SSC (Standard)

The Basic option is normally active by default, unless a direct export (documents are forwarded to your ERP system without quality assurance) is set.

Since most invoices are processed around the 15th and at the last of each month due to deadlines, there may be a higher volume of documents in our quality assurance on these days. In such cases, the SSC Basic is set to Real Time in order to guarantee that work can continue smoothly.

The statuses of all invoices uploaded after the changeover to Real Time are automatically set to "Confirm" and, depending on the mode of export, are either exported automatically or remain available for completion in Finmatics.

!Caution! It may take longer for invoices that were still in the "capture" status at the time of a changeover to real time to be processed and reach the "Confirm" status. However, these invoices can also be filled out manually in Finmatics to save time.

Premium SSC

The Premium version has the advantage that you can enjoy the benefits of our Shared Service Centre all the time, regardless of whether there is an increased workload or not. Your documents are guaranteed to be processed within one working day (Mon-Fri).

If you would like to have the Premium option implemented, please contact your Customer Success Manager or write to us to customers@finmatics.com to make an arrangement.