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What is the invoice quality assurance?

Our Shared Service Centre (SSC) supports you in achieving faster learning outcomes for invoices at Finmatics by completing invoices for you that have not fully been identified.



All invoices for which the invoice fields listed below have been completely read out in Finmatics are assigned the status “Verify”:

  • Invoice Number

  • Date

  • Business Partner

  • Amount

  • Tax Percentage

  • Currency

If Finmatics does not manage to fill out one or more of the above fields, they are assigned the status “Capture”. These tend either to be invoices which Finmatics has not yet been trained for, handwritten invoices or invoice pictures of poor quality which makes fields difficult to recognise.

Setting options

You can choose between the following setting options:

Real Time (Standard) 

By default the invoices are immediately set to the status "Confirm" after the separation process and, depending on the chosen mode of export, are either exported automatically or remain available in Finmatics for completion.

Warning: With this setting, Finmatics can only learn the fields described above as "General information" if either training data is returned via an API interface, as with RZL, or if the invoices are completed in Finmatics and then exported manually.

Shared Service Center

With this option you have the advantage that you can enjoy the benefits of our Shared Service Centre at all times, regardless of whether there is an increased workload or not. Your invoices are guaranteed to be processed within one working day (Mon-Fri). The benefit of this is that unfamiliar formats and invoices of poor quality are guaranteed to be read out fully. 

If you would like the Premium option, please contact your Customer Success Manager or write to us at customers@finmatics.com to make an arrangement.

Warning: Quality assurance does not extend to the accounting fields, such as account assignment, tax key or booking text.

How does the SSC operate?

The SSC completes all invoice fields for which information is available. If individual invoices cannot be completed, they are set to "Cannot Verify". This can have the following reasons:

  • Missing information e.g. cost centre or purpose of use
  • Missing data on the invoice, e.g. invoice number, invoice date or amount
  • The invoice was uploaded incompletely, e.g. missing pages
  • Missing authorisation: the SSC possibly lacks authorisation e.g.: to create a new business partner
  • Poor scan quality, unreadable invoices or invoices filled in by hand
  • Several invoices were scanned onto one page
  • The invoice was issued incorrectly
  • The specified tax percentage on the invoice has not been created in the system
  • Invoices were uploaded in the wrong process, e.g: Outgoing invoices in incoming invoices
  • Characters can't be recognised by the SSC, e.g. Arabic, Chinese or Cyrillic characters