BMD - What options are there regarding booking text if Finmatics sends it blank?

Among other things, we have the following options (in addition, there are other options such as F4 search, working with certain text abbreviations, e.g. "m = rent" / F8).

1. In the field "Default booking text" or "Default booking text (description)" you can define which booking text (account description, contra account description, cost center description) should be automatically transferred to the booking line. This setting can be defined per booking symbol and will be applied during import. Variables can be selected.

2. at the account a booking text can be deposited in the field "Proposal booking text". Here the example at the person account/business partner at the Fibu account tab, variables can be defined, is also applied at the import.
This deposit has priority over a deposit at the booking symbol.

Proposal booking text would also be possible at the G/L account:

3. unconverted booking text variables are converted correctly when completing the booking/at the latest when booking.
I.e. the variable substitution is not executed if the entry is "red". Reason: If the account assignment is not yet complete, values for the variables may still be missing.