Can I compose overlong cash receipts from multiple cell phone photos?

Yes! Overlong cash receipts can be composed of several photos. This can significantly improve the quality.

In order to achieve a high resolution cell phone photo of long cash receipts, it is possible to combine several photos. This also enables a more accurate readout by the AI.

Based on the technical guideline for substitute scanning (TR RESISCAN) in Germany, it is only necessary to ensure from a legal point of view that the invoice has been assembled completely, correctly and legibly.

The TR RESISCAN describes the requirements for a digital copy, which is originally a paper document.

An invoice can be composed of several images to increase readability. This is a post-processing to increase readability in the sense of chapter 4.2.7.
The process must be comprehensible and the user must check the completeness and quality in the sense of quality assurance: Are all images assembled correctly and is the invoice readable.