Does Finmatics offer functions for communication with suppliers or clients?

Need to contact your supplier or customer to resolve document-related issues? In many cases, email communication is the easiest way to solve problems with documents. To enable standardized email communication with customers / suppliers, Finmatics offers the "Email Communication" feature.

Send a document as documents via a link

From the invoice verification screen, click on the three-dot menu. Click Share. This will create a link to the document. You can now share the document link via email or copy the link to share via chats or other intercompany channels.

Note: For security reasons, the link expires 14 days after link creation.

Custom communication templates

Optionally, you have the ability to create multiple email communication templates for standardization purposes

Note: The maximum length of an email communication template is 500 characters. There is no limit to the number of email communication templates you can create. However, in our experience, it is practical to stick to 3-10.

Please contact to enable this feature.