What can I do in the training-screen?

In the training screen, you can explicitly train specific suggestions in Finmatics.


The functionality is currently still in the BETA phase. Therefore, some fields or processes may not yet appear in the training. Furthermore, it will be made available to our customers step by step, as soon as it is rolled out for your company, you will be informed in order to also be able to determine which employees should have the authorisation for the function.

Which fields can I train?

The training center helps to increase the automation rate of the accounting fields, therefore only fields such as account number, business partner, cost center, cost object... are trained.

Currently, training tasks are only created for the document types outgoing invoices (AR) and incoming invoices (AP).

Where can I train fields?

When you click on the "Training" tab on the left, you will access our Training Center. In this tab you will find tasks our system created in case the AI was not sure about why a field (such as business partner, account, currency, etc.) was changed by an accountant.

You can see the following types of training tasks here:

  • Done - Training tasks that you have already completed.

  • Open (tasks) - New/ongoing training tasks.

  • Ignored - Training tasks that you marked as "ignore" because they represent exceptions to the normal case.

When you click on each respective tab, the tasks will be filtered according to their status. 

Additionally, on the far right, you will find a graphical representation of the tasks by status. The colours stand for the three training tasks mentioned above. If you click on one of the tasks, the number in the table overview is always displayed in the respective colour.

You can also click directly on the respective colour to see, for example, how many training tasks are in the "Open" status.

The number shown in the colours is always displayed per client.


How can I filter training tasks?

Similar to other views, you can filter by clients.

Furthermore, just like in other screens, you can select specific parameters as filters here,  such as Time Period, Booking Code, Business Partner Name…, 

How do I train the fields and what do I have to pay attention to?

Click on the respective task.

You will be redirected to the detailed view of the tasks. In this view you simply select the text in the document screen, which should help our AI to recognize how the field is filled. For example, if you want to train our AI to use the general ledger account "Office supplies", select a text passage such as "Office" or "Copy paper" and the next time our AI finds the word "Office" or "Copy paper" on the document for the business partner, it will use the general ledger account "Office supplies".

When training the fields, it is important that you choose a unique and continuous text on the invoice. Depending on the type of field, you will see some examples and help below the text field, which you fill in by selecting the text on the invoice.

If you do not want to train a invoice because it is an exception, you can also click on "ignore".

To access the original document, scroll down and click on the document ID at the bottom left.

Can I edit done or ignored invoices again?

You have the option of adapting your tasks again at any time.

Adapt done invoices

To do this, click on the "Done" tab and then on the desired invoice. Now select the field on the invoice that you would like to train.

The field you selected now appears on the right. Finally, click on the "Save and Continue" button.

Train ignored invoices

Select the ignored invoice and then select a field that you want to train. As soon as you click on "Save and Continue", the invoice is automatically moved from the "Ignored" task to the "Done" task.