First steps with Finmatics for DATEV

Welcome to Finmatics for DATEV. We are pleased to have won you as a new customer. This article explains the first steps in the cooperation between DATEV and Finmatics.

What is already done?

  • The contract between us has been concluded
  • The technical setup with the help of the DATEV logistics center and our helpdesk has already been done

What happens next?

In the first steps, these contents are discussed in a personal meeting with our Customer Success Team.

1. Initial creation of a client

1.1 In DATEV

1.2 In Finmatics

2. Transfer of invoices

3. Editing documents

4. Transfer of documents from Finmatics to DATEV accounting system

In the next joint meetings, you can choose from additional modules according to prioritization and urgency in your office.