First steps with Finmatics for DATEV

Welcome to Finmatics for DATEV. We are pleased to have won you as a new customer. This article explains the first steps in the cooperation between DATEV and Finmatics.

What is already done?

  • The contract between us has been concluded
  • The technical setup with the help of the DATEV logistics center and our helpdesk has already been done

What happens next?

In the first steps, these contents are discussed in a personal meeting with our Customer Success Team.

1. Initial creation of a client

1.1 In DATEV

  • Selection of a client with outgoing and incoming invoices.
  • Creation and administration of the client in DATEV Unternehmen Online.
  • Export of personal and G/L accounts as well as transaction data from DATEV Rechnungswesen.

1.2 In Finmatics

2. Transfer of invoices

3. Editing documents

4. Transfer of documents from Finmatics to DATEV accounting system