How are Duplicates identified by Finmatics?

This article provides information on processing duplicates.

How does Finmatics recognise duplicates?

Potential duplicates are recognised based on the characteristics Invoice number, Client and Business partner.

Should the duplicate recognition fish out an invoice, a warning notification which reads “duplicate” will be visible on the file. For each client Finmatics checks for duplicates which may have been uploaded in the past 180 days.

What happens to the duplicates?

Duplicates can be deleted manually.

Alternatively any duplicates recognised by Finmatics can be automatically moved to the trash bin. Should you wish to activate this function, our support team can be contacted via email anytime under 

Are invoices located in the trash bin also checked when identifying duplicates?

Yes, there is a separate process for this. Should Finmatics display the warning “deleted duplicate(s) found in trash bin”, clicking the link “trash bin” will lead directly to the duplicate. For more information read the following article: