How can I check whether enough verified invoices/training data are available?

In this article, you will learn how to check which invoices have already been verified.


Where can I check which and how many invoices have already been verified?

You have various options to check this in the invoices-screen:

1. Filter by the status "Verified" to display all verified invoices.

2. In the table view in the Status column, all verified invoices are marked with a green tick.

3. The status is also displayed above the invoice image in the invoice detail screen. Here you can also check whether the invoice fields have been filled in correctly.

How can I check whether changes have been made to invoices before or after verification?

Select the 3-dot menu in the invoice detail screen and then click on History.

Open the "Edited" event in the history to obtain detailed information on which invoice fields have been changed by users.

If an invoice has been processed more than once, the "Edited" event will appear several times in the history. If necessary, check the various entries until you find the "Verification Level" entry. The number "20" indicates that the invoice has changed from the status Approved (10) to the status Verified (20).

You can find more information about the history here: