How can I imitate other users?

By clicking "Log in as this user" it is possible to see Finmatics through the eyes of that user and ensure that the active settings correspond standard policy/preference.

How to access this function

The function is available to all users who have the "Manage Users" permission. They can then imitate all users they can see at their authorisation level.

How to use this function

In the Users section, click on the 3-point menu on the right side of the chosen user and select the option “Log in as this user“. 

At this point it is possible to see the portal exactly as the chosen user sees it. The figure on the top right corner of the screen, by the email address of the chosen user, indicates that the view is being imitated by a different account. In this view it is possible to do everything that this user can do with the permissions that have been assigned to them. In order to stop imitating, simply click the figure on the upper right side. 

Each change which is made to a invoice in this view is documented, and it is possible to see which user made the change as well as which user, if any, was imitating them.