How can I improve Finmatics' predictions?

Finmatics learns from your corrections. However, to optimize the prediction of an invoice field you will get some more information in this article.



Invoice fields are not recognized or recognized incorrectly

In the first step, differentiate which invoice fields are either not recognized or recognized incorrectly:

  • Capture fields                                                                                                                                                                              These include fields that can be found on the invoice, such as the invoice number, invoice date, amount, currency, etc
  • Complete fields                                                                                                                                                          
    These are the fields that need to be completed for accounting purposes such as business partner, cost center, account number, booking text, etc.

If multiple invoice fields are affected, start with the capture fields, as complete fields often rely on the capture fields.

Capture fields are not recognized or recognized incorrectly.

First, check if the OCR overlay is available. If it's disabled, you can enable the OCR overlay in the invoice detail screen. This allows you to check which information from the invoice was recognized by Finmatics. For more information, refer to 'OCR Overlay' in How does the Finmatics invoice detail screen work?

Which solutions are available?

If you notice through the OCR overlay that fields were recognized incorrectly or not at all, you have several options:

  • Establish a scanning process in the office or at your client's to improve scanning quality. For cash invoices, it's beneficial to use the Finmatics Mobile App as pre-scanning invoices can improve the OCR overlay. For more information, refer to Setting up a Scanner.
  • Let the Shared Service Center (SSC) work for you. In the Finmatics SSC, all read out invoices are reviewed by qualified staff. As a result, you achieve 100% extraction accuracy for header data and business partner assignment. For more details, refer to What is the invoice quality assurance?.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team at

Can I train the capture fields' extraction in the Training Center?

Currently, this is only possible for complete fields.

Complete fields are not recognized or recognized incorrectly

Information such as general ledger accounts, tax codes, and cost centers are often not visible on the invoiceand must be assigned to the invoicebased on the accounting context. You have several options to train the software optimally and automate the assignment.

Which solutions are available?

Complete fields are typically determined based on the business partner. If the business partner is not recognized, this can lead to other complete fields not being recognized as well.

  • To improve Finmatics' prediction of complete fields, initially uploading training data is important to generate reference values for the software. In the following article, you can learn how to import master data from your ERP system to Finmatics: How can I import master data?.

If you want to replace existing data with new training data, it may take some time for the new algorithm to be adopted for future predictions. Our support team can assist you in resetting the training data if needed.

  • Additionally, you can train Finmatics using the Training Center to enhance the prediction of complete fields. For more information on our Beta feature, refer to What can I do in the training - screen?.

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How do I automate booking texts?

To automate booking texts, Finmatics provides a range of options. For more information on automation settings, refer to How do I automate booking texts?.