How can I improve the read out of the invoice number?

In this article, you will find out what options you have to optimise the read-out of the invoice number.


How can I optimise the read-out of incoming invoices?

Make sure that the master data of your business partners is maintained, as the AI can also assign the different format to the invoice number after multiple processing of invoices from the same business partner. Also ensure that the scan quality is high. You can find more information on optimisation in How can I improve Finmatics' predictions?.

How can I optimise the read-out of outgoing invoices?

The same criteria regarding the quality of the document images apply to outgoing invoices as to incoming invoices. If the quality is high and the OCR has captured the invoice number, but has still not recognised it as such, you can adjust the format of your outgoing invoices a little if necessary.

What format should the invoice number have?

For optimum readability, the invoice number should consist of a combination of letters and numbers without spaces. Hyphens can be used.

Example: Invoice number: 20231245