How can I improve the read out of the invoice date?

In this article, you will learn in which format the invoice date should be in order to optimise the readout.



Why should I optimise the read out of the invoice date?

The invoice date plays a central role in the period allocation of invoices. If the invoice date is not entered correctly, this also affects the period allocation, as this is based on the invoice date. If the invoice date is older than six months, the current period is used. Otherwise, the month of the invoice date is used as the period.
If no invoice date is recognised, the period is filled with the month of the creation date instead, so that the invoice can be found in the current period. The invoice date remains empty.
Better scan quality and optimisation of the invoice date read out can help here.

How can I optimise the read out of incoming invoices?

Make sure that the master data of your business partners is maintained, as the AI can also assign the different format of the invoice date after multiple processing of documents from the same business partner. Also ensure that the scan quality is high. You can find more information on optimisation in How can I improve Finmatics' predictions?.

How can I optimise the read out of outgoing invoices?

For outgoing invoices, as with incoming invoices, the quality of the scans must be high and the master data must be maintained. However, if the invoice date is not read correctly after a few corrections, even though it is captured by the OCR, you could adapt the format of your outgoing invoices a little bit so that it can be better recognised.

What format should the invoice date have?

The best readout is achieved with the invoice date in the following format:

  • Invoice date:

Set spaces using the space bar and not with the tabulator, as otherwise the spacing is too large and can affect the readout.

What other formats can Finmatics read?

  • 31 . 12 . 2023, in addition to a dot, / and - can also be used
  • 31 . 12 . 23
  • 31 December 2023
  • 31 Dec. 2023 and official abbreviations in other languages
  • 31 Dec. 23
  • 2023 Dec. 31 and all other months. The year must have four digits if it is at the beginning.
  • Dec. 31st 2023

In which languages can Finmatics read the invoice date?

Finmatics recognises the month names of all European countries, with the exception of Croatian.