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How can I simplify the company code assignment for my clients?

Finmatics offers the possibility to configure a descriptive company code name for clients in order to simplify the assignment and to avoid errors.

ER1, ER2, AR, BK, KA - company code names are clearly understandable and unambiguous for accounting professionals. But are these descriptions also understood by clients/entrepreneurs?

It is often difficult to distinguish between accounting designations such as ER/AR.
However, when uploading the documents, the correct company code must be selected.
This often leads to errors.

From now on, in accounting, it is possible to select the displayed voucher company code name
- independent of the document code name in the accounting system.

How do I activate the feature?

To do this, go to Clients/Company code and in the "Trivial name" field this can be entered directly. In the field "Display name" enter the name that should be displayed in Finmatics for the document type.

Click on Save and from now on the trivial name will be displayed for you and your clients.

Does the feature affect the export?

No, for the export to the accounting system nothing changes for you.
The feature only affects the display.

Is the trivial name also displayed in the mobile app?

Yes, the set trivial name will also be displayed in the mobile app.