How can QR codes be captured with the Finmatics Mobile App? (QR Code Scan)

In this article, you'll learn how to leverage automation with mobile apps and QR codes.


What does the "QR Code Scan" function do?

Users of the Finmatics Mobile App scan invoices and simultaneously barcodes, which are located on the invoices.  Data is automatically read from the barcode by Finmatics and is available for automation.

What changes for the user of the mobile app?

After scanning an invoice, the user of the mobile app is prompted to scan the barcode on it. Of course, the process can be cancelled if needed. 

Can I activate/deactivate this feature for individual processes? 

Yes, you activate the "App QR Code Scan" in the client screen. Select the respective client, click on the "Processes" tab, and choose the process. Then, you can enable or disable the function in the extended configurations.