How do I connect my scanner to Finmatics?

You can transfer paper documents directly to Finmatics by one click. Documents can be separated automatically. Barcoding or manual page separation are a thing of the past.

This article contains the prerequisites for connecting Finmatics to your scan hardware.


  • Your scanning device is directly connected to your computer (desktop or tabletop scanner) or is on the same corporate network
  • The scanner's TWAIN driver is installed on your computer. The software that connects the scanner to Finmatics can only access a locally installed TWAIN driver.
  • Google Chrome is installed on your scanning computer.


  • Login with your user into finmatics
  • Click on the button "Scan"
  • The download-window  for the scan-software appears
  • Click the download button and download the software to your desktop.
  • Run the installation
  • Reload the web page
  • Select Scan again
  • Verify that your scanner appears in the "Select Scanner" menu.
  • You have successfully installed the Web Scanner.