RZL - How do I process net income accounting in Finmatics?

Background and requirements

With the release 022021 of RZL, income-expense calculators can also be processed easily, quickly and securely via Finmatics for RZL. The prerequisites for this are:

  • An electronic bank file in Camt format, which is integrated in your RZL software.
  • Documents that cause incoming or outgoing payments in the bank are available in electronic format.

As a result, you receive completely read receipts that can be automatically assigned to the bank line using the criteria of invoice number and amount. This article describes the procedure from setup to daily processing.

Settings in RZL

  • Activate the client in your RZL software for Finmatics
  • Activate those document areas for which documents are processed by Finmatics in RZL. The document groups will be automatically transferred to Finmatics after activation.
  • Initiate the first transfer of the training data from RZL to Finmatics.
  • Define in the master data of the bank details that documents are to be assigned automatically and define the maximum deviation e.g.: for cash discount payments.

Processing in Finmatics

Processing of documents for EA calculators works in the same way as for incoming invoices or outgoing invoices

  • Upload the documents to the desired document areas
  • After completion in Finmatics, retrieve the vouchers from the RZL

Connect the vouchers with the bank data in RZL

  • Import the Camt data as usual in RZL
  • Click on "Assign DMS vouchers". This way RZL knows to look in the vouchers to see if data is available.
  • Enter the posting dialog and RZL will start to automatically assign the document images to the data based on amount and invoice number.
  • If there are any documents left, which could not be assigned automatically, it is possible to assign these documents manually.