RZL - How do I retrieve invoices from Finmatics Connect?

This article describes in detail how documents are retrieved from Finmatics Connect for further processing in the RZL.

Vouchers can be picked up at any time. However, since it can take up to 30 minutes from the time the invoices are transmitted to Finmatics to the completion of an automated result, it is not advisable to pick up the invoices immediately after they have been transmitted.

In the event that the Shared Service Center's quality assurance is utilized, invoices will be made available within 24 hours of transmission on business days.

Picking up invoices from Finmatics

Documents released by Finmatics can be picked up in RZL document processing in the RZL Board. To do so, open the respective client in the RZL Board and switch to the Invoice area. Select invoices Finmatics .


NOTE: When you open this view, the documents are not yet actually collected and marked as exported in Finmatics. This only happens when the vouchers are transferred to the RZL Board. I.e. when the view is closed again, nothing is changed in the status of the invoices.

When executing the RZL invoice data recognition, the read invoice data will be discarded by Finmatics and the invoice data will be read with the RZL logic or with the created templates!

Invoice view Finmatics

In the page view a preview of all vouchers not yet collected is displayed

In the list view a list of the vouchers with the voucher data from Finmatics is displayed.

In the detail view the detail of the selected voucher is displayed (among other things in the
Offsetting entries tab, the offsetting account suggested by Finmatics ).


Document status

The current status per document is displayed in the Processing status and Confirmed by columns . The status can have the following characteristics:

  • In progress - Incomplete: Document is still being processed by the machine or the shared service center and is therefore incomplete. The document can be picked up when it is urgently needed.
  • Finished - Incomplete: The document is finished being processed, but at least one field could not be read completely. The document can be picked up
  • Finished - Finmatics: The document is finished and all fields have been read completely. The document can be picked up.

Transfer documents from Finmatics

To add the invoices, select the Transfer all or Transfer selection menu item in the Transfer invoices area. The documents are now marked as exported in Finmatics and transferred to RZL document processing.


The invoices can now be found in the Vouchers / Unbooked invoices⑦ area. These invoices can now be booked in RZL Financial Accounting or in the RZL Income/Expenditure program.