How do I use the trash function in Finmatics?

In this article you will get information on how to use the trashfunction.


Where can I find the trash?

You can find the trash as a menu item in the left main menu bar in the web interface.

Why am I not seeing the trash function? 

Only users with the permission to delete and restore invoices can see the trash. Contact your administrator if you need the permission to delete or restore invoices.

How can I restore documents?

Deleted documents can be restored up to 60 days after deletion. To restore documents, scroll to the right with the mouse to the 3-point menu of the respective document and click on "Restore".

If you click on "Show" you can also preview the invoice in the trash.

Alternatively select the desired document and click on the symbol "Restore invoices".

How can I delete documents permanently?

To do this, select one or more invoices and open the three-dot menu in the table view. Now click on "Delete forever".

A pop-up window opens in which you must confirm the final deletion. 

What can be deleted? 

All invoices and tasks can be deleted in Finmatics. If desired, you can also set the function to automatically move duplicates to the trash. You can find more information in How are Duplicates identified by Finmatics?.

For which users is the trash visible?

The trash is visible for all users who are authorized to delete and restore invoices. For more information read How are users managed?.