How do I use the trash function in Finmatics?

If a document is deleted in Finmatics, the document is first moved to the "trash". In the trash you have the possibility to restore the document. After 60 days, the document will be deleted permanently.

Where can I find the recycle bin?

You can find the trash as a menu item in the left main menu bar in the web interface.

I don't see the recycle bin, why?

Only users with the permission to delete documents can see the trash. Contact your administrator if you need the permission to delete documents.

How can I recover documents?

Deleted documents can be recovered up to 60 days after deletion. To recover documents, hover the mouse over a document and click on "Recover document".
If you click on the "Image icon" you can also preview the document in the trash.


For which users is the recycle bin visible?

The trash is visible for all users who are authorized to delete documents.