How does the automatic page separation of documents work?

The digitization of paper documents starts with the scanning process. As a result, the scanner produces a document in PDF, tiff or other image formats. This document can contain several hundreds of pages and invoices. In the past, without Finmatics' automatic page separation, the user had to manually perform page separation for each invoice.

Automatic page separation

Once Finmatics' self-learning software receives a file or document with multiple invoices, the artificial intelligence can recognize the beginning and end of an invoice based on historical data. Barcodes or manual page separation are a thing of the past.

Default settings

The default settings are stored as follows for the different transmission paths:

  • Web upload: Adjustable by the user via the slider control
  • Web scanner: Switched on by default
  • Smartphone scan: Turned off by default
  • E-mail: Turned off by default

In case you want to change the default settings for your office, for a client or for a special document type, please send an e-mail to