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How does the Finmatics invoice detail screen work?

In this article you will get information on how the Finmatics invoice detail screen works and what you can do with the various functions.



Screen options

For the invoice detail screen there are the following options to adapt the screen to your way of working. Those can be changed in the account settings. You can find more information about the settings in our article User Menu.

Compact layout

All fields are displayed together.

Extended layout

Shows Header fields to the right of the invoice and items below the invoice.

Open invoice images in new window

If you are working with more than one screen, it is useful to display invoice images in a separate window. This can be set either case by case in the invoice detail screen or by default in the account settings.

Add/remove invoice fields

If you miss a field, the available invoice fields can also be adjusted if necessary. Find more information in How can I add or remove fields in the invoice detail screen?.

Create new business partners 

You have the option of adding new business partners in the invoice detail screen. You can find further information in How do I manage business partners in Finmatics?.

Preview & Navigation

With a click on the three lines symbol below the black bar you can activate a preview of the invoice. By clicking on the arrow symbols below the black bar you can navigate between the pages of the invoice.

Rotate pages

This function is located on the right side of the grey bar inside the three point menu. Here you can rotate the invoice pages.

Print & Download Image

Open invoice in a new tab

Click on the invoice to open a new browser window. This way, you have the invoice image in one window and the invoice detail screen in the other window.

You can also activate this setting by default in your account in the user menu.

OCR overlay

The OCR overlay shows you which information Finmatics has recognised on the invoice. To avoid having to manually type in or correct information in the invoice detail screen (i.e. no drop-down fields), activate the OCR overlay. Click on the field you want to adjust and select the information you want Finmatics to take over directly on the invoice by holding down the left mouse button.

Tip: You can also select a larger area, e.g. for the booking text.

See article: How does Finmatics' artificial intelligence learn?

Move invoice

This function is located at the top right of the invoice detail screen in the three-point menu. If an invoice was uploaded to the wrong process or assigned to the wrong client, both the client and the process can still be adjusted.


This is only possible if you are working without direct export and the invoice has not yet been confirmed.

Cutting & Stapling

If the invoice was not cut correctly by the software, this function can be used to rework the invoice. "Cutting" takes you to the invoice you are currently working on and "Stapling" takes you to the entire upload process/invoice batch that was transmitted.

Cannot Verify

Click on it to activate a filter and a warning is displayed on the invoice. In the overview invoice screen, you can quickly call up all invoices that have been assigned to this key or filter.


You can send the invoice to your client or colleagues by e-mail if, for example, explanations are needed. You can also copy the invoice link and send it to the relevant person, e.g. by e-mail or by message.


Under "History" you get a chronological overview of all changes made to the invoice. Click on the arrow symbol to download the history in .csv format or as a PDF.


Click on "Delete" to move the invoice to the recycle bin.

You can find more information about the recycle bin here:
How do I use the trash function in Finmatics?


Split invoice

In the invoice detail screen, split entries can be created manually with a click on this function. Finmatics recognises tax split entries and splits the entries automatically. You can also split the invoice manually as often as you like. In the case of content splits, on the other hand, manual post-processing must be carried out.

Confirm and next & Update

At the bottom right you will find the functions "Confirm and next" and "Update". If you make changes to the invoice, click on "Update": This way you generate a training stimulus and our machine learns along with you. When you have finished editing the invoice, click on "Confirm and continue".

Important: If you click on "Confirm and continue", it is still possible to edit the invoice at a later time, but Finmatics does not learn. Therefore, click on "Update" if you still want to edit the invoice later, to promote learning progress.



If you are in the invoice detail screen and want to return to the invoice overview screen (i.e. where all transferred invoices of an upload process can be found), click on the word "Invoices" (see screenshot).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team via support@finmatics.com at any time.