How does the supplier portal / client portal work?

With the help of a portal access, suppliers as well as customers of your company can upload or scan invoices directly to the company. Furthermore, all transmission processes are stored in an audit trail and the user can track who has transmitted how many pages to Finmatics at which time for which company via which transmission channel.

The image shows an example of these functions:

The default setting is that the user sees only those transmissions which he:she has transmitted.
In case the user wants to see all the transmissions of the supplier, write a message to


In order for the supplier to use the portal, it needs the following information from the company:

  • URL of the website
  • Username
  • Password


  • After entering the URL and before logging in for the first time, change the password using the "Forgotten password" function.
  • After changing the password, log in to the software
  • Select the company for which you want to transfer invoices
  • Select the document type for which you want to transfer invoices
  • Click Upload if you want to upload receipts.
  • Click Scan if you want to scan receipts.
  • You can read more about scanning in the article: How do I connect the scanner to Scan&Sort
  • Transfer your receipts to Finmatics.