BMD - How to have the internal document number reassigned and enter a start value?

In the preliminary entry, the reassignment of the document number can be started under Functions - "Reorder documents".

This is especially necessary if the customers have set the setting "use internal invoice number" for the respective document type in Finmatics.

Started per period with the number 1 on the basis of the date the sorting is made. Often, however, the customers have a different start value, in which case the start value must currently be entered on the first position. In the example below the internal invoice number 2021001.

The invoices are not sorted by date, a document was provided by Finmatics for export at a later date.

Since the internal invoice number 2021001 is entered on the first position, the program uses this to orient itself and starts the numbering not from 1, but from 2021001. After starting the "Reorder documents" function, these are again sorted accordingly (see screenshot below).