Can Finmatics process rotated, or even upside-down invoices?

If receipts in images or PDFs have been sent to you "incorrectly rotated" by - 90°, 180° or 270°, Finmatics can automatically rotate and process the receipts correctly.

Sometimes PDF invoices are sent "the wrong way up". Finmatics automatically detects whether the document is upside down or rotated 90° or 270° with a 98% success rate. Inverted documents are automatically rotated and the document separation as well as the reading of the document is carried out as usual.

OCR recognition must be active, otherwise the automatic rotation of the invoices will not work. In the case of "Scan & Separate" this is switched off by default to guarantee faster processing. In order to activate it, simply contact us at

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The rotation is the most effective when invoices are upside down. When invoices are on their side, the rotation may not always be successful, but the invoice in question will still be read by Finmatics and can be rotated manually using the OCR capture screen. You will find a detailled explanation in How does the Finmatics invoice detail screen work?.