Setting up a Scanner

This article explains the options available to you when scanning with Finmatics and what is required.



What options do I have to submit scanned invoices to Finmatics?

To submit scanned invoices to Finmatics, you have two options:

  1. Directly through the "Scan" button in the company portal.
  2. Using the Scan to Mail function.

What do I need to scan directly via the Finmatics web portal?

Scanner with TWAIN interface

You can use your existing document scanner for scanning with Finmatics, as long as it has a TWAIN interface. This interface exists in most common scanners.

PC/Laptop with scanner and internet connection

You'll also need a PC or laptop with an internet connection and a connection to the scanner. The most optimal setup is a local connection between the PC/laptop and the scanner.

Access to Finmatics

You can get access to Finmatics either during the onboarding process or through the responsible administrator of your company's Finmatics web portal.

What resolution should my scanner have?

For optimal scan quality, the resolution should be at least 300 dpi and scanned in grayscale.

In case your scanner does not provide grayscale as an option it might be that the black and white option creates images in grayscale.

How do I connect my scanner to Finmatics?

A step-by-step guide for installing the necessary drivers and connecting the scanner to Finmatics can be found in our article How do I connect my scanner to Finmatics?.

How does the scanning function work?

In the To Do, Workflow or Transfers screen, click on "Scan" located at the upper right corner.

If the scan driver is already installed, the scanning menu will open, where you need to select the client, process, and booking period. Additionally, depending on the interface, you can expand the "Advanced Settings" to adjust the scanning settings or use "Display Scansoftware" to ensure that when you click on "Scan," your scanner's settings appear.

All advanced settings are dependent on the scanner you are using and are suggested by the scanner itself. The language of the menu prompts for document source, resolution, color, page size, and OCR is also determined by the scanner you are using.

Once you click on "Scan," the pages will be scanned and can be directly uploaded to the Finmatics portal.

Finmatics offers two different Twain interfaces to best support its customers. If the current one does not work optimally for you, you can always contact our support at

How do I use Finmatics with a multifunction device?

Using Finmatics with multifunction devices is generally a valid option for scanning smaller quantities of documents. For digitizing invoices with a multifunction device, you can utilize the "Scan-to-Mail" function of the device.

Simply place the invoices into your device as usual and scan them. Let the scanner send the invoices to the designated email associated with the desired document type. For further information read the following article on How can documents be sent to Finmatics via email?.

If you want documents sent by email to be automatically separated, this feature needs to be enabled. Please send an email to