What do the different transfer statuses mean?

The individual statuses of the invoices can be seen in the "Status" column in the transfers-screen. You can use the filter function to view by status.


Where can I find the transfer status? 

In the transfers-screen, you have the option of viewing the status of the invoice and filtering them if required. You can find further information in How can I filter or adapt the screens?.

In Work

This means that the machine is currently still processing the invoices. Depending on the invoice this can take up to 5 seconds per page. The speed is mainly affected by the scan quality and whether the machine has processed this type of invoice before or needs to relearn it. In addition, it takes about 2 seconds longer if the invoice has to be rotated. This status appears when invoices are uploaded and when pages are restructured. 


The invoices have been processed and are ready for sorting. If the page separation of the respective upload process has not yet been checked, "new" is displayed above the scissors icon. By clicking checkbox of a batch of invoices and then on the scissors icon it is possible to open the document sorting screen in order to check, and if necessary, correct the sorting of the pages. Alternatively you can open the document sorting screen through the three-point menu in the table view. 


The invoice status will display as "capture" if the machine could not read out fields that are not accounting fields. Our quality assurance checks within 24 hours whether the machine has recognised the invoices correctly and has filled in the fields of the invoice detail screen correctly as far as possible. However, this does not include any accounting fields, insofar these are not evident from the invoice. Please note, that anyone who has been assigned the user right "capture invoices" can also check the invoices with this status at any time. 

More information on our invoice quality assurance can be found here:


If our quality assurance team has checked the invoices as described above, or if all but one mandatory fields have been filled in, the invoice status will display as "verify". In this case all that needs to be done is to check the invoices and fill in any blank mandatory fields. Once the invoices have been verified, they can be exported. 


This status is displayed when invoices are being exported.

With  using DATEV this status can also be displayed if the token was inactive, or if the active token at the time of export did not have the user rights required for the respective client. Documents that remain in this status as due to that, will be triggered again at the latest during the subsequent export for the client if the appropriate token is active again.


If the invoices have been exported to the ERP system successfully, they are displayed as "exported". The status "exported" is also displayed in the invoice detail screen.