What file formats can be uploaded?

In this article, you will find out in which format files and documents can be transferred to Finmatics and what options you have in the case of processing difficulties.

Which formats does Finmatics support?

Finmatics supports all common image files (e.g. pdf, tiff, jpg).

Is the format or content of an invoices changed during processing?

Invoices that are sent to Finmatics as PDFs remain in their original form and are exported unchanged to the corresponding accounting or ERP system. 

When transmitting scanned documents or invoices in image format (png, tiff, jpeg), Finmatics assumes that the legal document is the original paper invoices from which an image was generated. It is also assumed that this is the case if invoices are sorted, separated, rotated or stapled within Finmatics. In these cases, the files are compressed and technically modified before they are forwarded to the ERP or accounting system.

Can interactive PDFs also be processed?

PDFs with interactive content, such as forms or special functions, can lead to incorrect transfer of the documents to Finmatics. If this causes difficulties during processing in Finmatics, you have various options:

  • Convert the PDF into a jpeg or another image format. Adobe Acrobat and macOS Viewer offer this function free of charge. When using Windows, use the "Print to PDF" function to convert the file and thus deactivate interactive functions

  • Take a screenshot of the file and upload it to Finmatics again

Please contact our support team at support@finmatics.com in case you experience repeated issues with a format so that it can be recorded and maybe added with an upcoming update.