How does Finmatics log changes to the invoices? (Audit Trail/ History)

Finmatics logs a large number of the changes made to your invoices. In the history/ audit trail, you have the possibility to view date and time stamps as well as records of the process steps.




Where can I find the history/ audit trail?

In the invoice detail screen of the selected invoice, click on the three-point menu next to the invoice image and then on "History". 

Which information is shown in the history/ audit trail? 

In the history you can see every change with a time stamp. In addition, you can see which user made the changes.  If Finmatics is displayed as the user, this either stands for employees of our Shared Service Centre (SSC) or the Finmatics software. For a more detailed view of the changes made, click on the arrow in the corresponding line on the right.


The following events can be seen in the history:


In this event, you can see which user uploaded the invoice, at what time and via which transfer method.

Created by restructurer

This event appears when pages of the invoice have been reorganised after uploading. You can also see which user is responsible for the changes.

QR code recognised

If a QR code is contained on the invoice and has been read, you can see in the history whether it was successfully read out.

Controls completed

In this event, you can see whether the checks carried out by Finmatics have been successfully completed. If applicable, you can find information here indicating which values of the invoice still need to be checked or changed. Automatic controls by Finmatics are always carried out when changes are made to the invoice, e.g. when sorting the pages of the invoice or completing the invoice fields, as well as after uploading.

Machine approved 

As soon as the artificial intelligence has confirmed the captured invoice, this event appears in the history. The invoice is not yet verified at this point, but can already be transferred via BMD API, for example.


The "Edited" event can appear several times in the history. Here you can see which user has edited invoice fields and the value of the invoice field before and after editing. You can also see here from which point in time the invoice has changed to "Verified". For more information read How can I check whether enough verified invoices/training data are available?.


As soon as a user clicks on "Confirm and next" in the invoice detail screen or sets the invoice to "Could not be verified", the "Verified" event appears with a timestamp in the history. Directly above or below this is an "Edited" event with the same timestamp.


In this event, you can see which interface was used to export the invoice to your ERP system

  • api_update (BMD API, RZL, Business Central)

  • DatevPushImageOnly (DATEV Belegbilderservice)

  • DatevPushDXSO (DATEV Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0)

  • DatevPushBuchungsdatenservice (DATEV Buchungsdatenservice)

You can also determine here whether the export was successful or not. If it was successful, it is marked as exported.

Can I download the history/audit trail?

The history can be downloaded as a CSV or PDF file.