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What is the automatic process classification?

In the automatic process classification Finmatics identifies the document type directly. This means that there is no need for pre-sorting by process, making your work even more efficient.

The activation depends on the invoice volume and training data of the individual clients and not on the company. The function for automatic process classification is therefore only activated automatically as soon as sufficient client training data is available in Finmatics so that a correct assignment can take place. 

How do I use the automatic process classification?

When uploading and scanning the invoices

Open the ‘Upload invoices’ or ‘Scan documents’ screen as usual. Now select AUTO as the process. You will be shown a forecast of the probability of the correct assignment of the process based on the client history. A distinction is made here between four forecasts:

  • Forecast: good
  • Forecast: moderate
  • Forecast: inaccurate
    If the forecast is inaccurate, it may be necessary to assign some invoices manually. You can find more information in How can the automatic separation of invoice pages be checked and edited?.
  • Forecast: unavailable
    The available training data is insufficient to reliably forecast the success rate of the automatic process classification. 

When sending the invoices by e-mail

When sending invoices by e-mail, an additional e-mail address is available for the AUTO process. If you send the invoices to this e-mail address, the automatic process classification will be applied.