Which settings can I configure in the clients-screen under "General"?

In the "General" tab of the client-screen, you can access the master data of your client and make additional configurations.


What information can I see in the "General" tab?


Here, you can find the master data of your client which contains address and industrial sector.

For BMD and RZL, the adjustment of master data happens exclusively within their ERP systems, and the maintained master data is automatically synchronized to Finmatics after updating.

For DATEV, it is important to update the master data in Finmatics when necessary.


In the bookkeeping section, you can assign a user to the client who will then receive status notifications for this client. Additionally, you can specify the account number length and the chart accounts here.

If the account number length and chart accounts are not set correctly in Finmatics, errors may occur during data import. This can result in incorrect data transfer and processing.

Tax office

Ensure that the VAT for your client is correctly entered, as Finmatics uses this number to identify the client's business partner during synchronisation. If clients are exempt from VAT or do not have a VAT, Finmatics will search for the IBAN as an alternative during synchronisation. Therefore, it is essential to accurately submit this information in the "Business Partner" tab of the client screen. For more details, also see How does automatic business partner recognition and creation work with Finmatics?.

If any of your clients are VAT exempt or do not have a VAT, you can configure this by checking the respective options, "Has no VAT" or "VAT exempt." For further information, refer to Can I process companies with non-genuine tax exemption?.

Further information

In this section, you can leave notes containing important information and agreements with clients.